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server scripts

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server scripts
someone told me i can run scripts on the server to perform specific actions.
i.e. a script that automatically runs every hour and deletes old sessions from a database without any action from a user.

is this even possible?
if so where can i find more information on the subject.
if it's not possible, what can i do instead to achieve the same goal.

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Re: [pedge] server scripts In reply to
Some approaches:

1) Write a Perl, PHP, CF, ASP, etc. script that connects to your database and deletes the session records.


2) Write a SH script that does the same thing. This is probably better in terms of overhead.

Either way, you'll also need to create a Crontab to automate the execution of the script.
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Re: [Stealth] server scripts In reply to
1- First option is to Create a Cron job.

2- If your server has no Cron option (most of the host won't allow), then use a Fake Cron Script at:


3- Or write simple script for the functions you need to perform and call the scripts using <javascripts> and <Img> tags in your HTML pages (which are atleast visited by visitor every hour or day, as desired by you to automate the jobs) Loading the page will call the script behind the scene and the script will automate your job.