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search and replace a string in text file.

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search and replace a string in text file.
I have a very simple question .... I have a text file and have to replace only one field in the string.


I have to first match the first field ID (e.g. 125) and then replace the 'Read' with 'Unread' only for this line in the text file and save it.
any ideas as how to do it. I have tried a couple of methods but I am stuck with it.

Search and Replace (i.e. Regex) is not the question here, I am asking for how to re-write the file once the replacement has been made.

thanks in advance.

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zeshan: Feb 27, 2004, 1:17 PM
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Re: [zeshan] search and replace a string in text file. In reply to
Try this;


use strict;

my $id_to_match = '125';

unlink('file_new.txt'); # get rid of the new version...

open(READIT,"file.txt") || die "Cant read file.txt. Reason: $!";
open(WRITEIT,">>file_new.txt") || die "Cant write file_new.txt. Reason: $!";
while (<READIT>) {

if ($_ =~ /^$id_to_match\|/) {
$_ =~ s/Read/Unread/;

print WRITEIT $_; # may need to change to "$_ \n"


# now the new version should saved to file_new.txt

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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