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how to post html form from email msg?

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how to post html form from email msg?

At our site we want to send some of our users the calendar of events that they have added to the site. So, my plan was to send them an html email containing text fields so that they could modify their data and submit it back to us.

I've gotten as for as sending a sample html email by doing the following:

my $message = MIME::Lite->new(
From => 'our address',
To => 'their address',
Subject => $email_subject,
Type => "text/html",
Encoding => '7bit',
Data => $email_text);


where the $email_text is:

<b>bolded text</b>

<form method="post"

<input type="text" name="testing" value="stuff" />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="update" />


And that works fine. The email shows a text field with the text stuff in it. However; when that field is changed and the submit button is clicked, the collect_email.pl is not executed.

I'm using a yahoo mail account and instead of executing the collect_email.pl, I have to log in to some yahoo site. Now I know someone have figured this out. One of the email newsletters that I receive has a subscribe field in the email to contain an address. When you hit the subscribe button, one of their pl cgis is excecuted. This works for them even though I am receiving their email through my yahoo account.

Has anyone done what I am trying to do ?

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Please ignore this crap; I spelt http incorrectly.