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forcing a page refresh to avoid a cached page?

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forcing a page refresh to avoid a cached page?
I have blended DBMan and DBManSQL for our client data access. However, I have one client (out of 40) who is having trouble with data searches returning blank pages. We have determined that their MSIE is going straight to cache for the page and NOT even checking the web at all.

Unfortunately, the "easy" way to fix this is to hit F5 to refresh the page each time it loads. Is there a way to have Perl FORCE MSIE to check the web for the page every time rather than automatically going to cache first for the page?

I tried adding the Meta refresh tag into the page headers but on the menu pages the refresh is totally annoying or doesn't work if the content="" (seconds) is set higher than 5. The refresh is only really needed on the search results page and on some links to pre-loaded PDF reports (the link sends them to a target page)

So, the question is what can I do? Can I generate a unique page number for my target page names? How?
and how can I make my search results page reload/refresh or load with a unique name?

Hollister, Ca