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apache rewrite regex

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apache rewrite regex
Probably a simple apache rewrite rule but i just can get it to work. Help if you can!

What it is;
Webmaster place links to my site using the following link;


I donít want them to click on this link because it isnít a direct link to my site and therefore wonít help my Page Rank in Google.

I want them to link directly using to something like;


ispyxxxxxx being unique for each webmasters link.

What would my rewrite rule be to have user click on http://www.mydomain.com/ispyxxxxxx/

Then redirect them to https://secure.ibill.com/...p://www.mydomain.com

Using the ispyxxxxxx from the original link as the variable.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have tried RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/ispy
RewriteRule .^/ispy(.*)/$ https://secure.ibill.com/...p://www.mydomain.com
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Re: [catlovette] apache rewrite regex In reply to
Hi. You could try something like;

RewriteRule .^ispy/.*?/? https://secure.ibill.com/cgi-win/ccard/rscookie.exe?RevShareID=ispy$1&returnto=http://www.mydomain.com

That should work for;


Hope that helps.

Andy (mod)
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