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an error occurred while processing this directive

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an error occurred while processing this directive

I have this problem with ssi/perl.
I recently gor a counter script and followed the directions to upload it. I'm pretty sure I know how to uplead perl scripts since I've done it before. I've triple checked my CHMODing and it's right. I renamed the page where I put my ssi link to the perl script, as shtml. I keep getting the message:

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Here are just a few of the diffrent ssi's I've tryed. <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/includes/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec cgi="cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec cgi="www.phonebooth.ca/cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec cgi="http://www.phonebooth.ca/cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec pl="/cgi-bin/includes/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec pl="/cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec pl="cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec pl="www.phonebooth.ca/cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> <!--#exec pl="http://www.phonebooth.ca/cgi-bin/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" --> I even tried a diffrent script....... If you have an idea, please let me know.
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Re: [melissa_101] an error occurred while processing this directive In reply to
BigNoseBird has a good tutorial on SSI and even a "test" program you can try...


Try using the "include - virtual" method and see where that gets you.

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/yourscript.cgi" -->
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Re: [melissa_101] an error occurred while processing this directive In reply to
Well, I would guess that you need an 'exec cgi' option, but have you tried it with a full path? i.e

<!--#exec cgi="/full/path/to/cgi-bin/includes/bdlogger/bdlogger.pl" -->

If you have access to an error_log on your host, then I'd recommend looking at that too, as the error should be logged there :)


Andy (mod)
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