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XML Feed via POST :-(

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XML Feed via POST :-(
Hi. Does anyone have a clue how you would do something like defined below (from an email I had from the tech guys);

The specification contains numerous sample requests. The XML request is sent to our server as the body of the HTTP POST request your application makes. An example is pasted below and includes some of the HTTP headers that your application should generate when making the request to our server.

POST /servlet/RequestHandler HTTP/1.1
Host: xmltest.domain.com
Content-type text/xml; charset=UTF-8

<LDCML Version="2.0">

<Head AffiliateID="affid"/>

<Request Type="Availability">

<Property PropCode="LDC;123456"/>

<DateRange InDate="2002-08-13" OutDate="2002-08-14"/>

<Criteria NumberOfAdults="1" NumberOfRooms="1" NumberOfChildren="1" />

<Room RateSource="LDC" RateCode="NET" RoomCode="A01"/>



I asked if I could do this with LWP::Simple::get($url), but they say that they need to use POST, which means I would need to use something like HTTP::Request, or similar? I'm totally confused as to what they are saying Unsure


Andy (mod)
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