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Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads

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Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads

Just got this in the mail:

Over the past 5 years WWWThreads has turned into one of the most fully
featured discussion forum products available. In spite of this, it's user
base has remained fairly small. In the past several months I have been
trying to figure out why that is. Basically, it is because on the backend,
this has been a one man show. Answering sales questions, processing orders,
etc. Doing these every day tasks has taken alot of my time away from
actually being able to develop the program. As the program grows it starts
to become harder to manage and it takes even more time to add new things.
So, how does all of the above affect you? I've decided to sell WWWThreads
to Infopop (http://www.infopop.com), the makers of UBB and OpenTopic. The
actual change will take place on Monday, October 15. Hopefully, this will
make sense to you as it is a very good thing for everyone. Infopop will be
purchasing WWWThreads, providing support, answering many of the day to day
questions, processing orders, etc. This means that you, the customer, will be
getting top notch support. I have always tried to give good support, but it
has sometimes been neglected due to everything that was going on. I will still
be the lead developer and providing support. And those of you who have special
licenses that don't expire, these will still be honored by Infopop.
You will also see a name change coming. UBB really started the discussion
board era and most everyone on the Internet knows the name. To take advantage
of this, WWWThreads will be known as UBBThreads. There may also be some other
changes coming, but just as you've been supportive of my efforts over the past
few years I hope you will be supportive of the new ownership. Together, we
hope to make UBBThreads into a market leader.

Interesting to see what comes out of this..


Gossamer Threads Inc.

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Alex: Oct 11, 2001, 9:02 AM
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Re: [Alex] Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads In reply to
Oh no! Oh please no! We can't allow this to happen. That's the death of WWWThreads then.

Jeepers, I ditest Infopop. From the early days, the coding was so so so amateurish and very louzy, I just can't believe they have grown into a company so big.

This is a veyr very sad day.

WWWThreads is a much more powerful, and a much better program than UBB.

Ah well.

- wil
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Re: [Wil] Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads In reply to
Lucky begger......I bet Rick will be wedged up.
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Re: [Wil] Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads In reply to
How is it the death of wwwthreads? Because the old, old "from the early days" versions of ubb were coded lousy?

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Re: [Mark Badolato] Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads In reply to
I just personally believe that WWWThreads is and has been better programmed over the years than UBB.

Although, to be fair, I gave up on UBB a few years ago when they suddenly upped the price beyond my reach.

- wil
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Re: [Wil] Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads In reply to
Its still the same guy programming it. Only changes will probably be that it gets a nicer HTML job done on it, and the price will go up Tongue
Michael Bray
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Re: [Michael_Bray] Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads In reply to
that and the fact that they won't be doing the perl version anymore.

account deleted
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Re: [Alex] Wow! WWWThreads => UBBThreads In reply to
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, vBulletin has been busy building a vBulletin Portal package, to complement their forum software (vBulletin) and link directory software (InLinks).



Looks interesting, especially the ability to display the latest threads from the forum as "news" items on the portal page.

The calendar lseems a little weak. phpwebsite seems to have about the best calendar I have seen. Other than that, it looks like a typical phpnuke/postnuke/phpwebsite/drupal kind of package.

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