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Submiting a form to an IIS .net Hosted site

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Submiting a form to an IIS .net Hosted site

I am trying to submit a form to an IIS 5.0 Hosted site via http object
I am using perl to sumbit a Get or a Post action form to a site.


First the script was working when this site was using asp but now they changed to asp.net with .aspx files and when I submit the form I get
either method not alowed reply or object was moved messages

I noticed they are using session management to track users.
and I see that every time I go to the site it is the same session variable like
_Viewstate= value

so I tried to add this to the url like

but then I get a redirect.

I realise that they are trying to prevent submiting a form directly but can it be overcome??ShockedShocked