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Stupid Win32::OLE, or just me?

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Stupid Win32::OLE, or just me?

I've got a script, which opens up a given word document, and then saves it as a "watermarked" version.

Now, this script works without a hitch on .doc files. However, we've installed the Word 6.0 convertor (to accomidate .wps files).

Now, the problem is when it comes to processing WPS file.

I have the following code;

my $Word = Win32::OLE->new('Word.Application', 'Quit') || die Win32::OLE->LastError();
$Word->{Visible} = 0 ; # 0 = Don't watch what happens
$Word->{DisplayAlerts} = 0 ; # 0 = do not prompt
my $doc = $Word->Documents->Open($path);

The problem is, that WPS files (when saved) are giving an error about "some of the features you requested are not availabled in this format". Does anyone know how I can filter these messages out?

I've taken a look directly in the Word (2002) settings, but can't see anything obvious on the "Save" tab.

**any** suggestions are much appreciated Smile


Andy (mod)
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