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I'm currently using SSI's to insert HTML code on my site (for the header and footer). The script inserts the code from .txt files. Now I'd like to insert banners using SSI, but the banner code needs to be inserted somewhere in the middle of the code found in the header.txt file. Can I stick the exec cgi command line in the .txt file, or do I have to break up my header into 2 files, and insert all three separately?

I'm using WebAdverts for the banners.

Thanks in advance!

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This depends alot upon what web server you use and how it parses the HTML output for the SSI. Most Servers will not parse the included item itself, so most likely, you will need to break up the text file you have been using... something like this:

<!--#include virtual="<header_file>"-->
<!--#exec cgi="<banner_file>"-->
<!--#include virtual="<footer_file>"-->

Keep in mind when using a banner program that requires a query string, that you must use "include virtual" instead of "exec cgi". This is especially true of Apache, and NCSA's web server does not provide internal support for a query string.

Fred Hirsch
Web Consultant & Programmer
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2 choices - either break the header file in 2, or rename it with a .shtml (or whatever extension triggers your server into parsing a file for SSI) and include the EXEC CGI command in that.


Craig Antill
10 Tenths Motorsport