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Greetings all, at the risk of sounding a bit clueless I have a question about soap, specifically SOAP::Lite, and its data transfer abilities.

My current understanding is thus;

creating a soap lite object yields a proxy interface and a class that I will be utilizing.

such as

$sSoapObj = SOAP::Lite
#using http transport

then i set up to call the methods exported by the object.

here is where it begins to get a little on the fuzzy side of the monitor. The arguments for the communication seem to be stored in the Soap::Data->name hash.

my question is if I have an xml document that communicates specific data that is needed for a correct response would I just consider that a series of arguments? It does not seem like that would be the correct way to go about it, especially all the header information on the xml document help the parser to check it against a schema and other such information. So then how do I tell SOAP::Lite to import a document and send the file within the http post, or is there a method that I can use that will load the xml data (including the schema and all of that) right into the constructor for my soap object. I know there is the idea of an envelope, which is where I figured the xml document would go, but how can I load in the xml document that I have into the communication pipeline.

it is highly possible that RTFM comes into play at this point, unfortunately that FM is NA. I have researched for a day or so on the net trying to find a concrete example and find mostly xml information or how to set up the proxy, both do not help with the xml data as it pertains to getting it to my webservice.

I hope this makes sense, or at least conveys that I am not exactly sure what all is going on with the object SOAP::Lite.

Any help would be of great benefit.
Thank you,

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