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offline blues

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offline blues
Hi maybe someone can help

following the previous thread of offline cgi work and downloading apache i decided to download the server package

i have two computers here both running different versions of win98. Now upon installing evrything seems fine, but when i execute the 'start apache' the command box comes up (very similar to the ms-dos box) flashes for a milisecond , displayes a message but closes down befores you can read it.

this is the same on both computers. Now short of inventing some bionic eyes which can read the message before the box closes I'm stumped as it happens on both computers. Is it the winsock ver 2?
I thought this came with win 98.

sorry to bother you if this is a really obvious question

thanks in advance

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Run Apache from dos. Go to the directory where apache is, select run from the start menu and then type in command. When the dos prompt appears, type in apache.

Hope that helps