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Setting up XP for Perl.

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Setting up XP for Perl.
Can anyone help me and write down here a couple of lines how to set up your XP to run cgi scripts in your browser?

I have installed Active State on my XP > Runing the scripts by putting D:\Perl\bin\perl.exe on the top, but the output comes out as Command Line Interpretor and I want to see the output in browser?

What I need to do and what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: [zeshan] Setting up XP for Perl. In reply to
Hello Zeshan, Looks like you need a web server also installed.

IIS or Apache for windows ?

Then you may be able to open the browser to or


If you just want to run perl command line. Start -> Run ->cmd to open a dos window.

In the dos window navigate to the perl script and run it with : perl somefile.pl
or perl -c somefile.pl to test compile.

More info is required on what you really wish to do to give you a solution.

Thanks cornball
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Re: [cornball] Setting up XP for Perl. In reply to
okay, I got your point.

I need to install Apache for Windows first. Am I right?