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mSQL and Perl

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mSQL and Perl
Could anyone please tell me how to connect a MS-SQL-Server with Perl, especially how I can install/configure/... something like "mSQL.pm" under Win2000 or XP. I tried to copy the file into the required directory but it didn't work. And I couldn't use the linux makefiles to install ODBC::msql or just mssql.pm, because I don't know how to change them to a working Windows Makefile.

The Active State PPM showed a list of msql packages, but none of them could be found when I tried to install it. (I'm using PPM3).

Please send a link to a working install-file or just a short (exact) description how to connect to a MS-SQL-Server in another way.

Thanks a lot

Susi Schmidt
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problem solved


cu Susi