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Setup shipping fees by continent

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Setup shipping fees by continent
I have a shopping cart and I'd like to define the shipping fees upon the continent (US-Canada / Europe / Other countries), where the items will be sent (USA = US, CA / EUR = AT, BE, BG, CZ, DK, EE * plus all the European countries / OTH = all the other countries, not listed above).

The code below works if I charge by country, but that means I have to enter the code for all the countries (not all are listed below) in the sub custom_shipping, which is a lot of lines of code.

I though to group the countries by continent, and define for each country to which continent it belongs, so instead of having $Ship_Country eq US, I could have $Ship_Continent eq EUR.

But I don't know exactly how to start… Does any one could help me and tell me how to do that?

Thanks a lot for your precious help!

sub custom_shipping
if ($Ship_Country eq US) {
$shipping_total = 9.00;
} elsif ($Ship_Country eq FR) {
$shipping_total = 19.00;
} else {
$shipping_total = 49.00;
sub country
local ($field);

%country_array =('USA', 'US',
'France', 'FR',
'Germany', 'GE',
'El Salvador','SV',
'Equitorial Guinea','GQ',

foreach $field ( sort ( keys %country_array ) )
if ($Bill_Country eq $country_array{$field})
$Bill_Country_Value = $field;
$Bill_Country_ABR = $country_array{$field};
if ($Ship_Country eq $country_array{$field})
$Ship_Country_Value = $field;
$Ship_Country_ABR = $country_array{$field};

if ($country_array{$field} eq $default_country && $Bill_Country eq "")
$bill_countries .= "<option selected value=\"$country_array{$field}\">$field</option>\n";
} else {
$bill_countries .= "<option value=\"$country_array{$field}\">$field</option>\n";
$ship_countries .= "<option value=\"$country_array{$field}\">$field</option>\n";

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Re: [Lotz] Setup shipping fees by continent In reply to
Hey there,

It's kinda hard to base an answer on seeing just a couple of functions out of context but here's an idea.
Use a multidimensional hash.

For example:
my %shippingRates = (
'USA' => {'DEFAULT' => 10.0, 'US' => 9.0, 'CA' => 9.5},
'EUR' => {'DEFAULT' => 22.0, 'AT' => 20.0, 'FR' => 19.0, 'BE' => 19.5, 'BG' => 20.0}
Note: I have no idea what values you would actually use so I just put random ones.

To define the value for continents not in your hash, you could use a subroutine like this:
sub GetShippingRate {
my ($continent, $country) = @_;
my $rate;
if (exists $shippingRates{$continent}) {
$country = 'DEFAULT' unless ($country && exists $shippingRates{$continent}{$country});
$rate = $shippingRates{$continent}{$country};
} else {
$rate = 49.00;
return $rate;

And get the rate like this:
print "Rate = ", GetShippingRate('USA', 'CA'), "\n";

Of course you can add some sort of validation given that continent codes are always three characters and country codes are always two characters.

Let me know if that helps.

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Crolguvar: Aug 26, 2004, 12:02 PM
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Re: [Crolguvar] Setup shipping fees by continent In reply to
Dear Crolguvar,

Thank you for your post.

As it was quite difficult for me to define it by continents, I left this idea and finally I figured it out differently. As there were not too many Europeans countries, I preferred to define all of them in the sub custom_shipping.

Not sure if it was the best solution, but it seems to work!

Thanks for your help.