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Query String Problem

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Query String Problem
I am trying to post a pre-defined message with a simple link on this
But I am unable to do so? any ideas what I am doing wrong with query


Giving an error: "username not specified"

The board is available here (This is not an example board, I want to post in this board):


Thanks for any input.

Here is the original source of form taken from the site.

<form method=POST
<input type=hidden name="username" value="BusyBee3">
Name:<br><input type=text name="name" size=30><br>
E-Mail:<br><input type=text name="email" size=30><br>
Subject:<br><input type=text name="subject" size=30><br><br>
<textarea COLS=30 ROWS=10 name="body"></textarea><br><br>
Optional Link URL:<br><input type=text name="url" size=25><br>
Link Title:<br><input type=text name="url_title" size=25><br>
Optional Image URL:<br><input type=text name="img" size=25><p>
<input type=submit value="Post Message">
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Re: [Sara_Samsara] Query String Problem In reply to
Could be several things. Crap coding; needs to use GET instead of POST, or just a general browser issue where it is not sending stuff correctly.

What is the scripts name? ... and what browser are you using?

Also, why not use a decent board like YaBB, YapBB, Ikonboard, GForum? There is an absolute ton of decent ones around Tongue


Andy (mod)
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