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Perl Login with passwd

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Perl Login with passwd
Pirate Hi i have a question, i maked a chat site, where user can free chat ore you can be member so non users don't have to do a password now they are flooding my chat with bot so i wanne make a user image so non members need to eneter a random password from a png file so i founf in this forum some information and i maked that image:
use ImagePwd;
$obj = ImagePwd->new(len=>6,color=>white, bgcolor=>black, height=>60, width=>280, fixed=>1, rot=>10,
quality=>128, cell=>0, f_min=>20);
# $obj->fonts(['kai.ttf']); # And more fonts for Unix/Linux users
$img = $obj->ImagePassword();
$| = 1;
binmode STDOUT;
print "Content-type: image/png\n\n";
print $img->Write('png:-');

Both now is my question has one of you guyes a example of a login screen working with this ? i dont knwo how i must both this in my login page :((