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Perl & IRC

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Perl & IRC
i got a problem with a simple irc connect
heres a little script:
use Net::IRC;

$irc = new Net::IRC;
$conn = $irc->newconn(Nick => 'some_nick',
Server => 'irc.homelien.no',
Port => 6667,
Name => 'Some Name'


if i run the script it tells me:"Can't connect to irc.homelien.no:6667! at D:/Perl/lib/Net/IRC.pm line 192!"

what does that mean
wheres the problem
and could u maybe give me a sample script
thx in advance

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Re: Perl & IRC In reply to
Take a look at: http://jagerman.com/...modebot-2.2.0.tar.gz

It is a fairly complex IRC bot written with Net::IRC. It's been quite a while since I last touched it, but it should still work.

Jason Rhinelander
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