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Perl's Future

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Perl's Future
Perl's Future:

I am wondering about the future of perl programming. I stated perl about 2 months ago. I like the language and have made a lot of progress in a very short time because of my knowledge of c - c++ ect. However, I am worried if perl would have a bright future. A friend told me last night that I should skip perl and move on to PHP - Javascript - Vbscript. The reason being is that perl is run on the server while the others are embedded along with the html text. Please can anyone speculate on the future of perl, and also about scheduled changes for the language in the future???

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I removed your two duplicate posts in the chit chat forum.

To answer your question, I don't think your friend is to well informed, as PHP also runs on the server, and has almost no relation to javascript or vbscript.


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Re: [TheSafePick] Perl's Future In reply to
PHP's regex system also comes nowhere near as powerful as Perl's Wink I'm a PHP and Perl user... but I would rather stick to Perl for most things; although I do occasionally write a few things in PHP (such as the new user management area for UltraNerds.com).

As Alex said, I don't think you friend is very well informed.


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