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Net::FTP uploading same file, but 2 different sizes!

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Net::FTP uploading same file, but 2 different sizes!
I've got a really weird problem. I'm working on an upload script that will upload Links SQL's install.cgi and install.dat files onto a remote server (I'm being very careful about not letting people access this file).

The code is;

my $ftp = Net::FTP->new( $IN->param('FTP_Domain'), Debug => 0) || die "Can't login to FTP site. Reason :$!";
my $status1 = $ftp->put ( "./lsql-" . $IN->param('lsql_version') . "/install.cgi" , "install.cgi");
my $status2 = $ftp->put ( "./lsql-" . $IN->param('lsql_version') . "/install.dat" , "install.dat");
$ftp->site("CHMOD 0666 install.dat");
$ftp->site("CHMOD 0755 install.cgi");

For some reason, install.dat is being uploaded at 6.93Mb, even though the file on my server (which should be uploaded), is 6.77Mb.

Anyone got any ideas why this may be? Unsure


Andy (mod)
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