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Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox
Is anyone using Firefox?
Any feedback (good or bad)?

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Re: [jai] Mozilla Firefox In reply to
I've been using Firefox for a couple months and really prefer it over other browsers.

I really like the ability to block popup windows. I really like the view page source options (such as wrapping long lines, syntax highlighting) for checking pages for potential problems.
That has helped me to spot errors for those working with DBMan and having problems due to html errors.

Give it a try I don't think you will be disappointed.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] Mozilla Firefox In reply to
Thanks Lois!
I've installed it and I'll give it a go, so far it looks good.
I like the syntax highlighting, as you said it's very useful for checking the source.
It also seems very easy to customize with themes, extensions, etc.
The only thing I have found is it seems to be a bit slow loading pages, have you noticed that?

By the way, did I post this in this forum or did someone move it?
I thought I posted to "Internet Technologies" ?
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Re: [jai] Mozilla Firefox In reply to
Any feedback on Thunderbird would also be appreciated.


Thank you.

PS Still do't know why this thread is in this forum????
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Re: [jai] Mozilla Firefox In reply to
Yes, I have noticed it to be a little slower loading pages, but perhaps that is due to sifting through whether the photos are from the originating site, removing popup ads, etc.

I still think it's worth the extra time loading the pages to have the other features it offers :)

Glad you gave it a try.

If you do a search for Thunderbird, I remember seeing other posts about this here in the GT forums.

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Re: [jai] Mozilla Firefox In reply to
Been using Firebird, the predecessor of Firefox for quite some time now, although still use IE for Windows Update and also testing websites I design, develop, and maintain.
Buh Bye!