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ImageMagic installation (Perl newbie question)

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ImageMagic installation (Perl newbie question)
Hello, there!

I am newbie in Perl, let me in please into your community!

Thank you ;).

I have such trouble. Trying to install ImageMagic got from developers site on my Win98 machine I get a problem. When I try to run perl script having at least a statement "my $image1 = new Image::Magick;" such error message fires: Deep recursion on subroutine "Image::Magick::AUTOLOAD" at C:/Perl/site/lib/Image/Magick.pm line 42.

What is a problem, help me please!

Thanks in advance.
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Re: [khibinite] ImageMagic installation (Perl newbie question) In reply to

How did you install ImageMagick and PerlMagick?


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