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IIS 5.1 and Perl error

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IIS 5.1 and Perl error

I've recently installed iis 5.1 on my system (running Xp Pro) and I installed perl to run on it. Perl works perfectly except that whenever i get an error with a perl script, perl just stops working unless i restart my computer. I will either get the following error: "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\index.pl" produced no content.....(somethign similiar to that) or I will get the error saying, "The Page Cannot be displayed".

I can still view regular html files on the server but not that perl script even though I corrected the error.

I have also tried both of the ways to run the perl script. The perl.exe and the perlis.dll way. They both work but it still will stop working if i recieve an error in a script.

Any Help?


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