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Help with MySql and Perl

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Help with MySql and Perl
Hi Guys:

According to the book MySql and Perl for the web - one of the required tools is perl 5 with the following modules

1) CGI.pm
2) DBI
3) DBD::mysql ( the MySql specific driver for DBI
4) mod_perl

My question is - Do Active Perl or Komodo both of which I down loaded last week possess any of the above. Also, which is the best Apache server for windows to down load.

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Re: [akastarlight] Help with MySql and Perl In reply to
Activestate's version of perl contains CGI.pm only. In order to install the other modules you will need to use the perl package manager (ppm).

ppm install DBI
ppm install DBD::mysql

You can leave out mod_perl for now unless you know how to write mod_perl compatible code. If you *do* want to install it you need to change your ppm repository - I can't remember the exact one off the top of my head but you can find the URL at perl.apache.org

As for Apache, you will need a Win32 binary MSI installer....here it is:


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Coombes: Dec 6, 2003, 7:32 AM
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Re: [akastarlight] Help with MySql and Perl In reply to
I doubt they will have mod_perl, but that is a good thing. Developing Perl scripts on mod_perl is a pain in the arse. Mainly because your scripts get 'cached', and then old versions are shown, even after changes are made.

The other 3 should come in those bundles though.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [akastarlight] Help with MySql and Perl In reply to
Coombes is right Wink


How to use it?

Just go to command port and type ppm /? and it will tell you how to do it.