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Help with Komodo 2.5 ide

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Help with Komodo 2.5 ide
Hi Guys:

I am new to perl programming. I recently downloaded the Komodo 2.5 ide. Do I have to download another product in order to run perl codes. My problem is after going to "debug run without stopping" there is a menu that asks to

1) Enter script to debug.

2) Enter command line arguments for the script

3) Debugging directory

Finally, after trying several times - there is a message "You must specify the perl executable used for the debug session"

Please! Help


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Re: [akastarlight] Help with Komodo 2.5 ide In reply to
Hey Dave,

You need to install Perl. Go back to ActiveState (where you picked up Komodo) and download and install ActivePerl. That should get you all fixed up.