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Hi Guys:

I am new to perl programming. Making the move from application programs to web programs. What perl compiler do you recommend downloading? Wat is perl builder? Is it visual - perl? Do you think I should purchase it?


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Hi Dave,

I use [g]vim and Home Site myself. The more I get to know the ins and outs of vim, the more I like it. It's a very powerful tool but the learning curve is a bit steep. Macromedias support of HomeSite has went down the crapper so I don't recommend that anymore. Dreamweaver is their idea of a replacement for HomeSite but it doesn't support Perl out of the box. It is pretty damned expensive too.

I also tried Komodo from ActiveState but I found it to be slow. The integrated CVS and RegEx ToolKit were awesome though. CVS is easy to use with vim anyhow.

I've heard good things about Max's HTML Beauty++ but I have no experience with it personally.

There are a handful of free Perl IDEs out there, just do a serach on google for perl & ide. Other than that, any text editor will work perfectly fine too.