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Hi. I'm trying to use Date::Calc to get the current week number. I just read this part on the official pages;

The only exception is the function "Week_Number()", which may in fact return "0" when the given date actually lies in the last week of the PREVIOUS year, and of course the numbers for hours (0..23), minutes (0..59) and seconds (0..59).

.... does that mean it goes 0-51 , or 1-52 in terms of the way it counts the months?

Its very important this work right, otherwise the data will be put in the wrong table Frown


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Date::Calc In reply to
It sounds like Week_Number will range from 0-52. If you get 0, it means you are in the previous year, 52 is the last week of the year.


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