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Can someone install Fileman for me please?

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Can someone install Fileman for me please?
I succesfully installed the previous version 1.x of Fileman and am adept at installing most scripts. However, I have tried to install Fileman 2.x over a dozen times and each time there are different problems.

Various people have kindly helped me in these forums, but every time one problem is resolved, another one crops up.

It's driving me nuts. I have wasted several hours on it in the last few months.

I am using a standard Unix webhost. Like I said, I have never had problems installing any other script.

I was wondering if somebody could be so kind as to help me install it? I would gladly pay them for their time.

Please email na@nazam.com if you are able to help out... it'll probably only take you half an hour, but will stop me pulling my hair out for another three months :)

Thank you

Nadeem Azam
1Lit.com Inc.
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