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CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed

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CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed
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I am currently receiving an error that many of you have received. I am a vb programmer and am new to cgi scripts. So any reply needs to explain things to me as if I were 2 years old. I have done some research on this issue and it only happens to me when

1. I download a new copy of the cgi script (orignal will work fine, just as long as I don't open it on my computer)

2. I open the script on my computer (don't even have to change anything in the script)

3. Then upload it back to the site CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed

I think it could be an ownership issue but don't know what or how to change it.

CGIWrap encountered an error while attempting to execute this script: Error Message: Permission denied Error Number: 13 This message usually indicates there is a problem with the script itself. The owner of the script needs to check the #! line for correctness.

Local Information and Documentation:

Contact Name: Administrator Contact EMail: admin

Server Data:

Server Administrator/Contact: site31 Server Name: www.softshape.com Server Port: 80 Server Protocol: HTTP/1.1

Request Data:

User Agent/Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98) Request Method: GET Remote Address: Remote Port: 1421 Extra Path Info: /design/web.php Referring Page: http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=slv1&ei=UTF-8&p=CGIWrap+Error%3a+Script+Execution+Failed

I would appreciate any help with this

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Re: [Lauribell] CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed In reply to
Make sure you look at your hosts FAQ's, to see where Perl is located. Also, the script needs to be CHMODed to 755. You can do this from Telnet/SSH, or via your FTP program. To do it with a FTP program you normally right click the file, and click on either 'properties' or 'chmod'. If you are not given the option to enter the numbers, you need rwx-rx-rx. To do it via SSH, you need to login, and 'cd' to the appropriate folder. Then type;

chmod 0755 script.cgi

If that hasn't worked, try running it via SSH with;

perl script.cgi

If an error is present, it should give an error.

Hope that helps Smile


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed In reply to
Thanks for the response and the help. You have at least pointed me in the right direction. I am working from a PC so cdmod is N/A and I am using FTP Explorer and don't have the capablity (or can not find the capablity to make the changes you offered.

I am further researching this issue and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.