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Access 2000 Webpage Referencing

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Access 2000 Webpage Referencing
I have a simple network setup where one computer called "ACER" is connected to a 3com modem/hub and allows you to connect remotely. The "ACER" computer has two NIC cards in it and acts as a type of firewall for the system. The other network that ACER is attached to has a computer, "SCADA PC" (running 2000), that my access database and access web pages are stored on. Unfortunately for other people to dial in and look at the information on the web pages they need to have the UNC available and they don't with this configuration. The web pages currently use access queries to provide data for the data fields.

I was wondering if there is a way to use IIS and/or PERL on the ACER computer (running XP) to simply act as the interface between the two computers. If this is possible what kind of code is required to call up a specific webpage when say a link on a main page is pressed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Unsure