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ssi last mod date

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ssi last mod date
I am new to ssi and need to find out how to get last mod date working.

Iam using Windows 2000 server with IIS. I tried:

<!--#flastmod file="mypagehere.html" -->

and it doesnt print anything. I know I have ssi on this server but not sure how to check configuration and and make this Last mod date work? Please advise how I can do this on my html page with IIS on my server?
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Re: [florida] ssi last mod date In reply to
Do you have SSI enabled on the page you are running? Most SSI calls need to be done with .shtml/shtm pages... but you can normally get around it with adding a .htaccess file in the directory in question, with the following;

AddHandler server-parsed .html .shtm .shtml .htm


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] ssi last mod date In reply to
Yes I have SSI getting images from the ssi. But why doesn t the "last mod" part work? I tried naming a file with the extension file.shtml and it still didnt work. Please advise what I can check in the ssi on the NT IIS server? thanks