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Does anyone know how to create a modal dialog with a string as the URL.
eg. showModalDialog(content,Arguments, sFeatures)
not. showModalDialog('stuff.html',Arguments, sFeatures)
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Re: [David_Rad] showModalDialog() In reply to
Hello David_Rad,

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/.../showmodaldialog.asp

As per above MS link : " There is no public standard that applies to this method. "

I guess this may mean if the IE called function

vReturnValue = window.showModalDialog(sURL [, vArguments] [, sFeatures])

expects a URL then you may not be able to use a string or other JS type thingy instead.

but you can try , and then see if it works with old and new IE versions.

Show Modal is a pain in the rear as it has not been embraced for custom dialogs
for all browsers and all versions. There is no standard.
But Alert and Confirm windows are generally used by all browsers.

You could write a browser helper for IE and a NS plugin for NS to do this.
But it is a pain to write for all versions and each browser type and test it all.

A suggested work around :

Common to most browsers : Flash , I am not a flash expert !
--> Consider using a Flash Movie thingy to be this showModal Thingy.

ie The page that needs to have a show modal dialog is a flash page complete.
then this flash movie can call a show modal dialog and work in all browsers that allow flash.

The above comments on flash are a guess from what I have seen from flash on the web.
I have not done this nor do I know how to do this at all. I am flash stupid.

thanks cornball
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Re: [David_Rad] showModalDialog() In reply to
Hello David_Rad,

If you are interested in showModalDialog windows and have a few minutes spare
in your life, try this :

Empty you IE cache of files.

Do a windows update , that does require a download and install.

Do NOT reboot at the end, Yes to later .

Look at the files in your IE cache that windows update uses for their dialogs
during the windows updates.

You will need a few minutes to try to understand MS stuff.

Just a thought. Thanks cornball.