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mailing list software

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mailing list software
Can anyone recommend a good mailing list software?

I was intending to use mailman but my webhost cannot get it working properly with CPanel.

My need is to provide a simple internal commmunications system for my small 'team' to email all others by sending only one message. It needs to be secure enough to prevent public access because a lot of the information will be commercially confidential.

(I don't mean the Gossamer list type of software for sending out to multiple recipients otherwise I would use it)

Thanks in advance.
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Re: [Alba] mailing list software In reply to

Another alternative is ezmlm which is very easy to setup/use if you are using qmail, not sure how easy it is with other mailers.


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Re: [Alex] mailing list software In reply to
Thanks Alex,

Reading through the FAQs for ezmlm I think I'm going to hit the same problems- something to do with the way the mail DNS addresses are programmed. I'll ask my webhost to take another look having read this information.