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linking tables with forms

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linking tables with forms
hi !!!

i need some help on linking a table with two tables in ms-access which uses VB as its coding base...

i am in real trouble i need this done urgently...please help

what i am trying to do is something like

table 1: fields are employee name,employee ID and team leader name
table 2: fileds are evaluator's name and title

now i am trying to create a form which has a combo that takes its values from the field emploee name in table one and automatically gets the employee id and team leader corresponding to that employee name in the text boxes below, on the same form is the second combo box that takes its values from the second table field evaluator's name and is suppose to automatically pull up the title from the table...this information from both the tables along with some more filelds like score on a call and monitoring date need to be saved in a third table called monitors.

i have tried to run SQL select queries but somehow it just doesnt work....

please help
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I've moved your thread to "Internet Technologies" forum, so people can help you.