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how to get the index and value from option dropdown listbox in jsp page

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how to get the index and value from option dropdown listbox in jsp page

I would like to find out how to handle the following:

I retrieve the data from the database by calling javabean and return the data back to the same jsp page and then display those values using html/javascript in the dropdown listbox.

how to get the value selected by user (to be used in java - as a condition - for retrieving data from database) without submitting the form? I have many fields in that form and each each field required to check whether the data exist in the database and then retrieve other data fo be displayed in another field in the form.

Part of the code for ref - trans_main.jsp
<%@page import="java.util.List.*;"%>
<jsp:useBean id = "trx" class="trx.TransDetails" />
String jCompany;
ArrayList listCompany = new ArrayList();
int sizeCompany=0;

<head><title>JSP Page</title></head>


<form name="transaction" method="post" >
<input type="hidden" name="hid_page" value="main"/>

<th width="9%"align="left">Company</th>
<td width="1%" align="center">:</td><td width="5%" >

<select name="co_no" id="co_no" >
<option value="select"></option>
listCompany = trx.display_company();;
ListIterator iter = listCompany.listIterator();
while (iter.hasNext()) {
jCompany =(String)iter.next();
<option value="<%=jCompany %>"><%=jCompany %></option>
<% } %>

<th width="9%"align="left">Project</th>
<td width="1%" align="center">:</td><td width="25%">
<select name="proj_cde" >
<option value="select"></option>