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about mailer programms

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about mailer programms
For example I have Email Delivery Engine and it's a powerful group mailer which sends your message directly from your PC to the recipient's mail server without using any ISP's relay SMTP server. Any ISP provider has the restrictions on number of sending emails and E-Delivery Engine solves all these problems. It gives instant confirmation of delivery by checking the address before it sent, which at 80% eliminates "Mail undeliverable" messages you can get.

And can anyone explain me how do such programms work? How do they work withou ISP?

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Alex: Jul 11, 2003, 5:57 PM
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Such programs work by just connecting directly to the SMTP mail server for each email address. Note that many ISP's now block dial-up/broadband ip's from connecting to mail servers, so you may have a lot of trouble with this (AOL does this now, if you are on a known dialup ip, they will reject your mail, you must send it through your ISP's mail server).


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