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Update to httpd.conf...

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Update to httpd.conf...
Hi. I would appreciate as much help here as possible, as its a bit out of my league :)

Basically, I am trying to make a 'default' page, which supports "wildcards" ... i.e http://foo.domain.com would print to domain.com. I won't really go into depth about why I am trying to do this, unless you really need to know (but it won't be that easy to explain).

The ISP recommended the following, but its a little over my head;

It should just be a matter of ensuring that the VirtualHost directive for ukexpress.co.uk is listed first in the httpd.conf file, i.e. before entries for any other domains - that way it should be used by default if the host header for the domain is not found in the rest of the list..

TIA for any suggestions/help.


Andy (mod)
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