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Untick a box ...

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Untick a box ...

I'm getting there with this JS stuff ... but I'm a little confused as to one thing. Basically, in my perl script... I'm outputting a list of entries, which a tick-box next to them. Now, if a special value exists in this entry (i.e they have been paid), it shows with a red border, and also gives them a message when ticking. It all works well ... but one thing I would really like to do, is actually stop it being ticked in the first place. The code is;

<input type="checkbox" name="pay" value="5" style="border:1px solid #FF0000; color: #FF0000; font-family: Tahoma" onClick="javascript: alert('This payment has already been made!')">

I thought maybe I could do it with;


... but that gives an error. I can't for the life of me, find a decent tutorial, which suggest's how to use this ... so any advice is much appreciated Smile


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Untick a box ... In reply to
Checkboxes don't have values - they are checked or unchecked.


this.checked = false;

A Google search for "javascript checkbox" would probably bring up plenty of tutorials.

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