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URL format help please

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URL format help please
I tried doing the following:

<a href="<%=(rsWeb.Fields.Item("WebAddress").Value)%>"><%=(rsWeb.Fields.Item("WebAddress").Value)%></a>

I'm extracting the URL "WebAddress" (stored as a text string) from a database. I want to print the URL and hyperlink it.

Now I can do this:

<a href="<%=(rsWeb.Fields.Item("WebAddress").Value)%>">Click Me</a>

But the first prints nothing, what am I doing wrong?

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Re: [ArmyAirForces] URL format help please In reply to
If the first instance of the tag outputs a value I don't see any reason for the second instance not too, but what do I know about what looks to be ASP

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Paul: Oct 17, 2002, 11:56 AM
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Re: [Paul] URL format help please In reply to
I should clarify, the 2nd example works just fine. It's the first that prints nothing - but then it gives no browser error either.

Yes it is ASP.

The answer is probably in a chapter I just haven't gotten to yet.