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Testing Design with Screenshots

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Testing Design with Screenshots

Have you got one of each ?
Well, who has a Unix box, a Mac, a PC with Windows 2000 and/or one with Windows XP ? And what about with FireFox on each Internet Explorer (and it's different flavours), Netscape Navigator, Safari, Mozilla ?

Well I don't and was getting reports of issues in the ways things were being displayed on certain pages...

A list of browser screenshot companies
I checked out different sites below and some don't even work anymore and others look quite interesting :




I'm pretty sure this site isn't working anymore but may change !!!


My decision
I tested all except url2image and have signed up with sitevista. My reasons are pretty simple :
- the price
- the full page screenshots (browsercam lets you do page downs which was wasting my time)
- quick response time (as I speak)
Take a look at their demo in flash : http://www.sitevista.com/demo.asp

They are also talking about having videos of your pages loading on a variety of connection speeds... WOW

Also I forgot to say they have a really cool system, that you can download, called CSSvista that lets you view your CSS code and display it next to the code at the same time in Internet Explorer and FireFox (check it out http://www.sitevista.com/cssvista/)

If you don't mind waiting and letting others see your work in progress then just use browsershots.

Took me some time to decide and find a list of all these, so I hope this helps you out !

Here are some stats BTW just in case you were wondering what the situation is :
(remember these are general stats and if you site is specialised these stats may vary quite a bit compare to the stats you would need to take into account for your site)

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Some nice resources there!