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I was updating some scripts and suddently they didn't work anymore... Converted vereything back but still gettings error's, that why I need some help:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: phpob_start() in /nfs/home/tecline/html/site4/cms/index.php on line 1

These are my first lines of code.... Could it be the hoster? Because why does it print "phpob_start()" ?


$pfa->isloggedon(); //Makes sure user is logged on

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Re: [cK] Suddenly... In reply to
That's very odd. It's almost as if the interpreter is merging your opening <?php with the ob_start function call. Grasping at straws here, but the only reasons I can think of why that might happen would be either that the standard <?php tag was disabled in the server's php.ini file (which would be very strange, but you'd just have to use the short <? version instead), or there could be some sort of whitespace compressor module gone haywire.

You might try using the shortcut opening tag instead - <? - just to see what happens.

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Re: [hennagaijin] Suddenly... In reply to
Finally figured it out: uploaded everything in ansci Frown

But that shouldn't matter with php or...

Anyway, there is now something very wrong with my offline script. They all look like "<?php"*/*=================================class Edit {*var $currenttable;*//The table currently in use of type Table*var $fontcolor;*//NAME: Edit*$this->currenttable" (* = a bloksign.)

How can I easily convert them all back to normal??
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Re: [cK] Suddenly... In reply to
Backups? I don't think there is any quick/easy way to re-format it with newlines etc once they have been removed (which is why some people do it, in an attempt to protect their programs).


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