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Spam Filter
This is an excercise I've been working on. Anybody who wants to play with the script if free to hack away - I'd be interested in any feed back. It seems to work and I tried to comment every step.

Test it out before unleashing it on all your important stuff. Run spampop in interactive mode (see spampopcfg.pl) at first so you don't accidentally delete an important email.

Currently I run this on windows, attached are the necessary files:

spampop.pl - script for checking email/deleting messages listed as spam
spampopper.pl - alternate script (meant to be ran minimized upon startup)
spampopcfg.pl - Config file the only "pl" file you should have to edit - also contains readme - do not "run" this file, just edit it.
spam.filter - list of "keywords" to match
spam.okay - list of "okay domain" to 'not' match.

You need ActivePerl and Mail::POP3Client installed (see config file for instructions). The script catches 'spam' and deletes the email. I didn't see any point in 'flagging' it and downloading it only to just delete it anyway. The point of the script is to keep the spam from ever hitting your local inbox. I also wanted a list I could maintain myself. The concept is to add keywords or html tags that are indicative of spam and not maintain a list of banned domains since those change daily.

Feel free to PM me with changes, additions, hate mail, etc.