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Shooping cart, with affiliate system?

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Shooping cart, with affiliate system?

Does anyone know of a good Shopping cart, where you can do the following:

1) Have an affiliate system
2) The ability to "pass in" a variable, into a field (basically, I want to pass in a listing ID, which will be unique per listing - so obvioulsy I don't wanna start making new products =))
3) Recurring payments
4) Either an off-site system, or one we can run on a server.

Anyone got any suggestions? Been trying to get it working with 1shoppingcart.com - but its really rubbish trying to pass in paramaters :(

I managed to kinda get it working with some Javascript, but that didn't work in the end- cos they actually redirect you again to another URL, which then doesn't carry the "ID" paramater along - which is useless :( All the tech guys could say was "I know its been done on another site" - and that was it - which pissed me off a bit Pirate)

Any suggestions are welcome.


Andy (mod)
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