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Rewrite or something else??

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Rewrite or something else??
How do these sites that have for example, http://thesite.com/?show=keword

example site: http://decorations.com/?show=interior

, and what ever the keyword is, it list the oveture links as the next page. I'm curious to know if Links or other gossamer product could be used as a ultsearch type clone. I have a client that wants to set up an expired domain site and wants the ability to add keywords into a database, (in links case it would be inputting the keyword into the <%Title%> field or something like that), and dynamically generate a set of pages using overture results. Also, (this the hard part), if the user came from a known search engine, it would pull up the keyword into the home page...???
Any suggestions??

</not a clue>
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Re: [Dinky] Rewrite or something else?? In reply to

It can all be done with mod_rewrite. i.e.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} google
RerwirteRule q=([^&;]+) /cgi-bin/script.cgi?search=$1 [L]

will call script.cgi with args search=google search term that brought you here.

We've done something simliar:


will pull up (hopefully) our mailing list archive of the mod_perl mailing list. Clicking on the link recognizes the referer and sets the search highlight to the string shown.


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