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Redirect match

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Redirect match
I am using the following 2 formats to try and redirect the results of my guest book which are hosted by http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com, but neither one works:

RedirectMatch /app?ID=RomanceLinks&Doc=(.*) http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...anceLinks&Doc=$1 (as per Alex)
redirect /app?ID=RomanceLinks&DOC=1 http://gbooks1.melodysoft.com/...manceLinks&DOC=1 (as per my long version)

What would be the correct format?... What am I doing wrong?

(I am redirecting files with .html extension with no problem)

In advance thanks for your help!
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Re: [zucye] Redirect match In reply to
The problem is with the ? and & characters in your redirected URL, since they are converted to hex characters in the location/address bar in the browser. What you need to do is regexp to maintain the ? and & characters.
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] Redirect match In reply to
I appreciate your answer, but how can I accomplish that???

I am just an amateur, when it comes to web design.