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Auto thumbnails

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Auto thumbnails

Does anyone has an experince with Auto thumbnails?

I have set up a postcard service and the images are stored in a folder in full sizes and I am trying to see if I can present a thumbnail of those images to the users so they do not have to go through the load wait of the full size one..

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Re: [katabd] Auto thumbnails In reply to

Take a look at http://www.ginini.com/...are/postcard-direct/, I did setup them some time ago. It has thumbnails and it is very easy to customize.

However, if you wanted to use thumbails, I think it would be enough to create a new folder, store the thumbnails there, and then on each thumbnail set a link to the large image postcard. I did this way and worked pretty fine. Take a look at www.xpwear.com, clic on "postales".