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Postfix + catch-all for virtual domains

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Postfix + catch-all for virtual domains
Hi all

I'm just setting up Postfix with aliases and a catch-all account - running on an xserve Server v 10.4.2.

I've got this in the virtual file...

user1@mydomain user1
user2@mydomain user2
@mydomain catchall

Postfix delivery works perfectly until I include the catchall @ directive - if I include that then "all" mail sent to mydomain goes to that account - it doesn't seem to have any precedence for matching the other addresses "first".

Any ideas how to fix this up?

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Re: [ryel01] Postfix + catch-all for virtual domains In reply to
problem is postfix does a recursive scan on the alias file.

so if you have mail directing to a "real" user on your system like this...

mailtome@mydomain.com realaccount

then you also have to set up the delivery address for when the file is called the "second" time with an entry...

realaccount realaccount

problem solved.