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Possible Hackers??

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Possible Hackers??
Today I noticed in my logfile the following in the failures report:

Is this someone trying to access my server through a formmail script??


</not a clue>
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Re: [Dinky] Possible Hackers?? In reply to
Yeah, looks like it. Probably looking for installations of Matts Formmail.pl script, which is well known for being very buggy, and full of security holes :(


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Possible Hackers?? In reply to
Been doing some research on it, apparently there are some groups of spammers out there that hijack peoples formmail and use it to send out spam with. Good thing I don't use formmail, which is why I was curious when the entries showed up in my log. If I had it loaded on there, I might not have even noticed it...
Damn spammers..

</not a clue>
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Re: [Dinky] Possible Hackers?? In reply to
I have seen software advertised that is somewhat like a robot and searches the web for the formmail script. It apparently reports back to the owner the exact location of the script. Forget exactly where I saw it advertised. I do recall that I was looking for a script through either cgi-resources or hotscripts and that robot script was in amongst the scripts available - though not directly advertised