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PHP includes error at my website

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PHP includes error at my website
The PHP includes on the Tutorials page (ironic?) at my website have stopped working correctly. It still looks right, as in, all of the correct information shows up but there are errors where the links are found. Go <a href=http://quacktastic.net/...ript/fadinglinks.php target="_blank">here</a> (http://quacktastic.net/...ript/fadinglinks.php) for an example, and it happens on all the other pages.

There is one thing, it doesn't happen on the main page which is found in the same directory as the "header.inc" and "footer.inc" files. On any php include's page that is a folder off of the folder of the .inc files, the error message Warning: main(): stream does not support seeking in /home/didno/public_html/tutorials/javascript/fadinglinks.php on line 2 shows up. It worked perfectly up until a few days ago, and I have not changed anything at my website, and I've also seen other websites with the same problem. Can I not directly link .inc files anymore in PHP anymore? Is there a fix to this?
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